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3M Privacy Screen Protector for Apple iPhone X

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3M Privacy Screen Protector for Apple iPhone X (MPPAP011)

3M Privacy Screen Protector for Apple iPhone X


3M-tietoturvasuoja for Apple iPhone X - Näytön yksityisyyssuojasuodin (pystysuunta) - 5.8" - musta malleihin Apple iPhone X
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The 3M™ Privacy Screen Protector+ is our most durable, easy-to-install, privacy screen protector for smartphones. See for yourself how it can help protect your screens from everyday drops and scratches, plus help keep the information displayed on it private, without sacrificing image clarity.

The 3M™ Privacy Screen Protector+ is a leap forward for screen privacy and protection. With improved shatter protection, advanced polymer technology withstands the rigours of everyday use. Plus the new easy install kit makes excellent alignment a snap for virtually anyone. This screen protector is custom-cut for a case friendly fit to work simply and beautifully on today's most advanced smartphones, providing durability while keeping the information displayed private. You get incredibly crisp image clarity, while visual hackers with side views are kept in the dark. The adhesive-backed screen protector attaches easily and removes cleanly.

- Offers improved shatter protection compared to an unprotected screen
- Provides glass-like scratch resistance while preventing glass-like shattering or splintering
- Microlouver technology delivers world-class effective "black out" privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle
- New easy install kit is the easiest way to help ensure precision alignment and installation
- Effective privacy in portrait mode; change orientation for shareable screen viewing
- Smooth, glass-like surface delivers incredible touch sensitivity
- Remarkable viewing experience offers exceptional clarity and brightness
- Easy to clean coating provides smudge and fingerprint resistance
- Custom cut for a case friendly fit

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